How to Maintain Your Residential Boiler 

Many homeowners often overlook the maintenance of their boiler. When these gadgets do not work efficiently, they can cost you more and put you and your family in danger.

Boiler repairs and replacements can be costly. Regular maintenance for your gas appliances can help prevent unnecessary damages and subsequent repairs or replacements.

Here are some tips to maintain your boiler and keep it working efficiently in a long run.

  1. Annual Boiler Service

Your boiler needs professional inspection and servicing every year to keep working at its best. It also helps maximize the boiler’s lifespan, prevents breakdowns, and enjoys low heating bills.

Annual inspection and servicing ensure your boiler gets adequate protection under the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure to hire a gas-safe catering engineer to inspect and service your boiler to keep it working smoothly and safely.

  1. Test the Boiler Pressure 

Your home boiler requires the correct pressure to circulate hot water through the radiators and pipes. Checking the pressure gauge allows you to ensure the adequate functioning of the boiler according to the levels set by the manufacturer. If your boiler pressure is lower or higher than 1 and 2 bar, adjust it to the correct level.

  1. Bleed The Radiators Annually 

The boiler can get air trapped in its radiators. These air pockets save the radiator from excessive heating. The radiator may have cold patches. Bleed the radiators to release the air. Painted radiator valves can be difficult to adjust. If WD40 and some forces do not help loosen it, work with a catering engineer to facilitate you.

  1. Balance the Boiler’s Radiators 

If your boiler’s furthest radiators are cooler than those near it, you may want to balance them. While balancing radiators is different than bleeding them, gas-safe engineers can help you balance the radiator, allowing the system to heat the house evenly.